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xometry swag

On demand manufacturing online CNC Machining Services

If you need custom machined parts with complex geometries, or get end-use products in the shortest possible time, sigma technik limited is good enough to break through all of that and achieve your idea immediately.

  • One -to-one friendly service
  • Instant quota within couple of hours
  • Tolerances down to +-0.01mm
  • From one -off prototypes to full mass production
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CNC Machining

Equipped with 3-4-5 axis CNC milling and CNC turning machines, which enable us to handle even more complex parts with high precision.

Rapid Injection molding

Low investment, fast lead time, perfect for your start-up business.

Sheet metal

Our talented sheet metal engineers and skilled craftsmen work together to provide high quality custom metal products.

3D Printing

We offer SLA/SLS technologies to transform your 3D files into physical parts.


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Sigma Technik Limited, as a prototype production company and rapid manufacturer focusing on rapid prototyping and low volume production of plastic and metal parts, has advanced manufacturing technology, one-stop service, diversified manufacturing methods, on-demand manufacturing services and efficient manufacturing processes, which can provide customers with high-quality, efficient and customized product manufacturing services and help customers improve product quality and market competitiveness.

CNC Machining Case Application Field

CNC machining is a versatile manufacturing technology that can be used for a wide range of applications. Common examples include components for the aerospace, automotive, medical industries and etc.

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CNC Machining FAQs

Get the support you need on CNC machining and engineering information by reading the FAQ here.

It may be caused by unstable processing equipment or tool wear and other reasons, so it is necessary to check the equipment and tools in time and repair or replace them.

It may be due to severe wear of cutting tools or inappropriate cutting parameters, which require timely replacement or adjustment of cutting tools or adjustment of machining parameters.

It may be caused by programming errors, program transmission errors, or programming parameter settings, and it is necessary to check and modify the program in a timely manner.

It may be due to equipment imbalance or unstable cutting tools during the processing, and timely adjustment of equipment and tools is necessary.

The quality and usage method of cutting fluid can affect the surface quality of parts and tool life. It is necessary to choose a suitable cutting fluid based on the processing materials and cutting conditions, and use it according to the instructions.

It may be due to residual stress in the material and thermal deformation during processing, and it is necessary to consider the compatibility between the material and processing technology to reduce part deformation.