Industrial machinery and equipment

Rapid prototyping and production technology can help industrial equipment and machinery manufacturers produce parts and components faster, and improve production efficiency and product quality.

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Why is Sigma Technik Limited used in the industrial equipment and machinery industry?

Sigma Technik Limited is a company that provides rapid manufacturing and prototyping services, providing high-quality and efficient manufacturing and development services for the industrial equipment and machinery industries.

Advanced technical capabilities

We have advanced rapid prototyping technology and equipment, which can manufacture high-quality prototypes and products according to customer needs, improving product development efficiency and reducing costs.

Multiple material choices

Provide a variety of material choices, including plastic, metal, and composite materials, to meet the manufacturing needs of different consumer goods.

Professional team

We have a professional team of engineers and designers who can provide professional solutions and design modifications to customers, ensuring that the final results meet their requirements and needs.

Customized services

We can provide personalized customization services based on customers' specific needs and requirements, including rapid prototyping, bridging tools, and small batch production services, to ensure that customers' needs are met to the maximum extent possible.

Solution for Prototyping Industrial Mechanical Equipment

Prototyping solutions for industrial mechanical equipment can help mechanical manufacturers quickly validate the design and functionality of new products, and make necessary modifications and improvements, thereby reducing production cycles and costs.

Rapid Manufacturing Technology

Through rapid manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing, CNC machining, etc., prototypes of mechanical equipment can be manufactured faster. Different rapid manufacturing technologies and materials can be applied to different application scenarios, such as SLA, SLS, FDM, etc.

CAD design and simulation

Through CAD design and simulation, the design of mechanical equipment can be optimized, while also predicting the performance and characteristics of the product. CAD design and simulation can reduce manufacturing errors and costs, improve product quality and reliability.

Prototype testing and evaluation

By testing and evaluating mechanical equipment prototypes, the design and functionality of the product can be verified, and necessary modifications and improvements can be made. Prototype testing and evaluation can reduce production cycles and costs, improve product quality and customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain Management

By optimizing supply chain management, procurement costs can be reduced, supply efficiency and quality can be improved. Supply chain management includes aspects such as supplier selection, procurement coordination, inventory management, and logistics optimization.

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Mission And Vision

Industrial equipment prototype production materials

There are various types of materials for industrial equipment prototype production, each with its own advantages, disadvantages, and applicable scenarios. Materials need to be selected based on specific manufacturing needs and mechanical design.

ABS plastic

ABS plastic is widely used in 3D printing, with advantages such as high strength, wear resistance, and ease of processing. The disadvantage of ABS plastic is that it is prone to deformation and warping, requiring post-treatment.


Nylon has advantages such as high strength, wear resistance, and impact resistance, making it suitable for manufacturing durable and high-load parts and components.


Metal materials are widely used in mechanical manufacturing, such as steel, aluminum, titanium, etc. Metal materials have advantages such as high strength, wear resistance, and good thermal conductivity, making them suitable for manufacturing high-quality, high-load parts and components.

silica gel

Silicone has the advantages of softness, high temperature resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance, making it suitable for manufacturing parts such as seals and gaskets.

Industrial Mechanical Equipment applications

By creating mechanical equipment prototypes, it is possible to better understand the structure and composition of the product, thereby diagnosing and repairing faults more quickly. Prototyping can improve the reliability and maintenance efficiency of mechanical equipment, reduce equipment repair costs and risks.

Customized parts for industrial machinery and equipment

Customized parts of industrial machinery and equipment refer to parts with specific shapes, dimensions, materials, and performance characteristics that are specifically manufactured based on the design and requirements of the machinery and equipment. Customized parts can better meet the needs of mechanical equipment and improve the accuracy, quality, and performance of products.

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Frequently Asked Question

Different materials have different properties and characteristics, and they need to be selected based on the specific needs and usage scenarios of mechanical equipment, otherwise it may affect the quality and reliability of the product.

The design of mechanical equipment needs to consider the limitations of materials and manufacturing processes, otherwise it may lead to increased production difficulty and cost, and even inability to produce products that meet the requirements.

Prototyping of mechanical equipment requires ensuring manufacturing accuracy, otherwise it may affect the performance and functionality of the product.

Mechanical equipment prototype production needs to consider manufacturing costs and time costs, otherwise it may lead to high product costs or long production cycles.

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